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Monday, April 13, 2015

MPA Sania Naz Confessed She Wedded Ameen Baledi

PPP MPA Sania Naz confessed her marriage with Ameen Baledi (Video). A photo of Ameen Baledi, a murderer of 50 people and Sania Naz has been made public. Nabeel Gabol said PPP MPA Sania Naz is the wife of Ameen Baledi and they have a daughter. She meets her husband in prison. He told that " The member of assembly who belong to Lyari are only loyal to Aziz Baloch. These members had formally taken an oath to remain loyal to Aziz not to Zardari. I have also the video of this oath". Sania Naz blasted Nabeel Gabol and said he should take rest and should not level allegation on any person. She said she will go to meet Ameen Baledi anywhere because I wedded him and he is my husband.
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