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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Some Cool and Clever Cosplay Styles

Cosplay has never than it is right now, but there are so many out there making costumes, many cosplayers choose to create their costumes in certain styles to help them stand out. However, this is by no means the only cosplays out there. *-- There are characters like Jessica Rabbit, Aeon Flux, or Power Girl that are inherently hot, but some cosplayers prefer to adapt their favourite characters into a sexier version of unsexy origin. A few extreme examples of this include Tyrion Lannister, Greedo and Freddy vs Jason.
*-- There are a lot of female cosplayers who want to play their favourite male characters and a smaller, still significant number of male cosplayers who want to dress as female characters. While it is easy enough to turn to cosplay for most characters , many costumers prefer to use their imagination to turn the character into person of their own gender. This is known as gender swapping (also called Rule 63) and the results look not only great but allows you to imagine how a story might change if character's gender is switched like this by King Elsa by Dukun Cosplay or this Bilbo Baggins by Allicsirp Cosplay.

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