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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hearing May Be Damaged By The Use Of Smartphone

Since ages we have been told by our elders to turn down that music should not be listened in loud voice. Many, among us think it is just a myth. Beware, there is a good medical reason for the elder's sayings. The World Health Organisation warned in a recent report that that over a billion young people are at risk to permanent hearing loss. And are you aware that one of the main felons is widely used device to listening to the music- The Smartphone. "Anything where you are putting the sound into the eardrum, that is something as a society that we need to take closer look at," said Rex Banks, chief audiologist at the Canadian Hearing Society. That is because loud noises damage the cilia of the inner ear, the tiny hair-like structures that change sound waves into electrical signals, that are carried to the brain. The damaged cilia never grow back, once they have been damaged, they are irreversible. De Shelly Chadha, prevention of deafness and hearing loss technical officer for the World Health Organisation, explains the danger with smartphone is that many people are listening to the music that is simply too loud. Compounding the problem, says Banks is the fact people often listen to music when they are out in the street or on the road where there is a lot of other back noise.

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