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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

China Army Cross Border Rocket Attack Killed 158 Indian Soldiers In Sikkim (Video)

At least 158 Indian soldiers were killed as China fired rockets across the border on Indian installations. Development came in after China flexed its political muscle in the area close to Tibet boder with a fully equipped brigade indulging in five ammunition drills.
China and India are clashing over a remote Himalayan territory which could spark a devastating nuclear war. Since mid-June Chinese and Indian soldiers have lined up on the remote Doklam plateau. Currently, it is nonlethal battle of platitudes at high altitude, but experts in China say " there could be a chance of war". And that is not a good point, as India is thought to have more than 100 nuclear tipped missiles while China's warheads could total more than 250. The flashpoint between the two seems mundane- construction of road on Chinese controlled, but disputed, plateau. China and India regularly come to blows on their 4000 km long and infuriately ill-defined border. The current anger kicked off in an area to which India calls "chicken neck"-- a thin stretch of land that is the only link to country's isolated north east.
The under construction road is close to the chicken neck at the so called 'tri-junction' where china's border meets both India and tiny mountaineous kingdom of Bhutan.
China accuses Indian troops stationed in Bhutan, which has only a small army and militarily relies on India- from straying across the border to prevent road construction. While Bhutan says it is the rightful owner of the plateau.
It is said 300-400 Indian troops were "eyeball to eyeball" with China in a non-aggressive confrontation but thousand more soldiers on both sides were close by.

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