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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What Sensational, Controvertial And Funny News About Panama Case Have Been Published On Different Sites On Social Media

Since the start of JIT working the news websites that are known for giving sensational but baseless news began to published controvertial news on social media. Specially they give attractive headlines but there is nothing of the sort in the text as shown in headlines. let us have a look Just on some of the news by the news websites. published news on July 11: JIT report has revealed the "Sharafat" of Sharifs' family. PTI workers distributed sweets and danced on beat of the drum. Halim Aadil Sheikh, Raja Azhar, Namroz Khan and others participated in the celebrations of JIT report. It is still not known whether report is against Sharifs or nor.
Another news from published the same day: It says many other revelations have come to light after the release of JOT report. According to it Captain (R) Safdar, Husband of Maryam Nawaz, have been avoiding to record his statement before JIT and tried to proov himself as honest and independent personality. However, he claimed to get SR 1400 (RS 42,000) as pocket money from his father in law Nawaz Sharif. He also showed his own and wife's any concern to Panama case.
Another News channel on social media, which is famous for bias and sensational headlines of news giving it as breaking has published that Shanhbaz Sharif and and Hamza Shahbaz are not traced even even after passing six hours of release of JIT report. Khadim e aali has locked his mouth and is silent. However, News says they both are happy on the report of JIT. In another news it said PM had decided to expell Ch Nisar from the party. Other news is Asif Zardari has asked Nawaz Sharif to resign. In yet another news said court has ordered to arrest Maryam Nawaz. Which court? not mentioned. has published news about the splitting of N league in four groups. These it says comprise of those of having inclination toward Nawaz Sharif, second to Maryam Nawaz, thirs to Shahbaz Sharif and fourth to Hamza Shahbaz. gives another sensational news that 34 members of national assembly turned against Nawaz Sharif and have demaded resignation from Nawaz Sharif. Otherwise they will not defend him And many such news are the continues habit of several sites.

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