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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pakistan is Progressing by Leaps and Bounds?

Though Transparency International has declared Pakistan as a 34th corrupt state in nearly 200 countries, but it is neither astonishing nor unexpected. Last year Pakistan was on 42nd position Astonishing matter is that why not stood first and poor Somalis got the first position, where nothing is left to be looted by the looters. Even they have nothing to eat. Somalia is just "defamed" and some thing went "wrong" in surveying and compiling the data by Asian Development Bank or World Bank and poor state state got the title of  the MOST CORRUPT country of the world. I think Pakistanis must not be discouraged , though this time Somalia snatched the title. Next time we will be on Victory Stand , though now not far away.
All Pakistanis may be ashamed of the corruption going on in each and every institution of the country,but the rulers would never feel so. They will just deny the facts, while common man knows that when he has work file pending in any government department it would move further without the "wheels". What to speak of higher ups and the authorized persons our masses are also not fare in dealings; taking from taxi driver who will try to deceive you and charge more , the peon and clerk in office, the Moharrir(clerk) in Police Station and the reader in court. The corruption is not only giving bribery in the form of cash to get your work done but not performing one's duty properly is corruption, cheating in weighing the food items or any thing by the shopkeepers. Which walk of life in our country is clean. Distribution of food items and other commodities have been sold in the market or taken home by the people who have mandatory duty to do the work honestly. At least we can be proud of the some thing in any walk of  of life that we are progressing and are ahead of developed countries, whether it may be may corruption.. .

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