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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pakistanis Can Do Anything They want to

Pakistani Scholar Dr. Hina Siddiqui won the best “Oral Presentation Award” in the 11th Eurasia conference on Chemical Sciences. The international conference was held in Jordon from Oct.6 to Oct.10, 2010. Dr. Siddiqui’s presentation was declared as one of the top three oral presentations in the conference.Another scholar from Peshawar also got prize in the event, where over 200 scientists delivered their presentations from 69 countries.When she was in school, she read an inspiring interview of Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman. In that Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman said "institutions are not made up from bricks and stones rather they are made up of people who have dreams and vision". The sentence changed Siddiqui’s vision and she devoted herself to exploring the unknown.
Pakistani youth is intelligent, hard working, devoted to its mission and do any thing that want to do. But, they are neither encouraged nor provided funds to carry out research activities by the authorities. In Pakistan minimum of the budget is allocated for education and those who are intelligent and shining young ones are mostly poor. If they are not awarded scholarships or waiver of tuition fees they can not afford to earn higher degrees. While private universities are too expensive. It is well known fact that those countries that are lagging behind in education can never stand in the row of developed ones and and can never progress. All the corruptions and other evils in Pakistan are spreading due to ignorance and un-wmployment. Does Government want Pakistan to be a prosperous country? if so then maximum facilities and funding be extended to the educational institutions , however strict eye be kept on the spending. Because these institutions are also in Pakistan and run by Pakistanis. But, who will audit and monitor the activities? the same dishonest and corrupt people ? But in education sectors the professors emirates and other educationists are mostly honest as compared to people in other walks of life.

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