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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pakistani Politicians Blame Each Other

Pakistani politicians are doing nothing for the starving naton, worst situation of law and order in the country. What to speak of bad governace, there is no governace even in the country. The most incapable , the most inillegible people are the masters of the fate of 180 million people; who are suffering from the price hike, facing kilklings, bomb blasts and natural disters are additional. But people in power and as well as leaders of leading political parties are blaming each other issueing statements against each other,throwing mud and what not as a dirty game of the politics peculiar to Pakistan. What the world would be thinking about Pakistan. Politicians have no manifestoes, nothing to give to people but snatch every thing from them what they already have a little. Taxes are imposed on poors, salary men but not on land lords. Nawaz Sharif has issued charge sheet against Parvez Musharraf, what it will do a good for the people. At least Marvez Musharif is replying only to the blamess and illegations politicians are charging him with. Can anybody say that present government is better than Musharraf's regime. If compared then his was far better. He is an intelligent person not dull as our present leaders are. They have no comparison with him Young generations is fond of him and politians are afraid of his coming back. What a funny situation is this. May My Allah save our country. Ameen

1 comment:

Afzal Chshti, Sialkot said...

I agree with you that our our politicians are talking personal and blaming each for nothing. They must change the worst conditions of the Pakistani society who are facing high prices of edible and food items, higher utility bills and most of the time load shedding of light. They must concentrate to solve all these problems.