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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Is Change Near in Pakistan?

Chaudhary Nisar of PML (N) has disclosed that now change is unavoidable in Pakistan because the present govenment is destroying the instituitions. This he siad while talking to an anker person on a private news channel. This he said on the occasion when Retired Justice Deedar Hussain has been apponted the head of NAB. Now every person in Pakistan notices that govenment thinks that these are its last days probably, because govt; is making some dangerous decision in apponting corrupt or NRO beneficieries on key posts of the country like appointment of Direcctor General Haj, Chief Secretary of Sind, Head of OGDC and now head of NAB. How a person who has been elected on the ticket of PPP twice to the provincial assembly can be impartial. Definetely Government has not consulted opposition nor Chief Justice of Pakistan in his appointment. On 13 th of October govenment's Attorney has to appear in court for clearing the position of govt; whether it is going to write a letter to Swiss Government about bank money. While swiss govt has passed a constituition to give back the black money to the govenments if they pursue the case properly n present proofs. On the other hand a right hand of of a VVIP, Ali Brohi has been arrested for with the allegations of smuggling drugs also occupying illegally the lands of worth hbillions of rupees. Unfortuntely people like this are ruling the country , what an unlucky nation.

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