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Sunday, October 10, 2010

NATO Supply Line Through Pakistan

Oil supply to NATO forces in Afghanistan through Pakistan has been re-opened after closure of Torkhum route for 10 days. This was the first courageous step of Pakistan in the History that threat worked and NATO Commondars, US Foreign Office and USA Ambassodor to Pakistan have regretted for attacking with in the borders of Pakistan. Though they would never do so for drone attacks in Pakistan's territory rather they justify it by saying that they are killing terrorists. They are encouraged by the silence of Pakistani government or weaker protest for the attacks. These attacks also kill hunders of innocent women , children and elderly ones. This stoppage of oil was not done by mentally slave government but by the Army who have the courage , boldness and can face any challenge. At least , NATO army will be carefull now n avoid attacking with in territory of the State. The logistic facilities were provovided by former President and this government also continued. Because with out the favor of USA, Pakistan can not get loans from World Bank or IMF. What a merciful condition we are in.

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