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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pakistani Parliamentarians--- Chips of the Same Bundle

It is leant that the memberships of 148 parliamentarians have been suspended due to not submitting their asset declaration forms. They include senators, provincial assembly members all the four provinces and federal ministers. Why should they bother to declare their assets when they have been least interested in attending the the parliamentary sessions or sessions of provincial assemblies. Inspite of absense from the sessions they receive all the facilities. They may receive daily allowances. Among them are the chief of a religious party and ally of the present government and his brother who have not given the statements of assets. Other thing is that their assts would have definetely gone up so they would first think about "constructing baseless grounds" to justify manifold increase in property, lands and high class houses. The religious party leader and his brother have constucted palaces on D I Khan -Bannu road, but they usually reside in islamabad. They would never think to give shelter to flood affectees rather they were intending to drown them by floods and were not allowing people to cut the road and save the Shorkot village residents but, they were only thinking of themselves.
Though their memberships have been suspended from yesterday but all the ministers would be attending offices and doing their routine work of their selves ( giving employments to friends and relatives)not for the people. What a wonderful democracy is it in Pakistan.

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