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Thursday, October 28, 2010

US President's Visit to India

Being front-line ally in the war against terrorism, Pakistan expects a lot from the United States, but always forgets to evaluate her own position and status. Pakistan was never considered and given the status of a friend by the United States. USA is right in considering Pakistan just a paid ally of her, because they have paying Pakistan since the regime of Pervez Musharrraf , even for the people Pakistan that were handing over to the USA. We are not friends of USA , but slaves and obedient servants and this is her kindness and politeness that USA pays dollars. Just during the strategic dialogue USA announced a military aid of 2 billion dollars. Civil nuclear technology is given to friends like India. This is USA's sole authority and right to extend cooperation in any sector to any state. What claim we have for that and why.. However the aid or leggings that are handed over to Pakistan is gone where it should go and have been going in the past., but the end users is at least not the nation. Neither USA will give civil nuclear technology to Pakistan nor it will allow it from China, unless Pakistan provides the details. Pakistan is so hypnotized by USA that it would not take this technology from China nor gas and electricity from Iran. We are slaves. and made by our all rulers and must remain in our limits and bounds as the servant must live. However, President Obama has promised to visit Pakistan next year and for this promise our rulers are very glad and Foreign Minister specially told the nation on TV

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