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Friday, October 22, 2010

Saudi Arabia and Gulf States purchase Arms from USA

United States of America is a big Arms producer and manufacring country. Every time when arms factories manufacture piles of arms and need to test new arms , the experimental field and subjects have to be decided where the new arms can be tested and its quality, range and other characteristics may be known practically. Where would they find new fields and targets? the weakest, the poors, back ward people and depressed leaders and rulers who are crushing their people and seek to find a guard father; present their countries, their people as targets. If the rulers hesitate to do so, then USA finds grounds and excuses to invade the country. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and to some extent Pakistan. Who are they? Muslims and Muslims people are the subjects on whom newly manufactured arms asre tested. How these arms can kill these people the targetted ones, in how many parts their body is cut to pieces and wounds are healable or not that must not be. THat is the main objectives of the experiments. The purpose of USA may not be to geographically change the borders but its aims can be fulfilled by starting a war. Her new arms have been tested in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq all the muslim countries. Now the results have been analyzed, concluded and fond satisfactory and must have been shown to the buyers who are willing to buy the tested arms. Who asre they the Muslims, the wealthiest nastions of the world and Muslim Ummah. Saudi arab is purchasing arms worth 60 billion Dollars, Dubai, and other persian gulf states will buy more than 60 billion dollars arms. Where they willl test? Will they open some new front.or will they stand shoulders to shoulders with USA to kill Muslims.? Allah Knows

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