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Monday, May 29, 2017

How Pakistan Was During Ayub Khan's Regime And What Is Pakistan Now-1

Budget for 2017-18 has been presented in the yesmen and ignorant parliament with nothing as relief to the poor, government servants, pensioners and daily paid labourers. However, sky rocketing price hike in food items, vegetables, fruits, and load shedding are the gifts as usual for this year too, with false and hallow promises to end load shedding before elections. May be it gets ended for month or so to complete election process and same routine will be assumed again with new promises for next five years. The present regime gave nothing to poor but snatched lives and forced them to commit suicides. Instead of bogus and worst budget Ishaq Dar would have to chalk out the domestic budget of a junior clerk who may have been getting at the most Rs 30,000 per month and paying house rent, electricity bill, fees of school going children and purchasing daily food items. Yes men like Mauland are saying budget is better and balanced may be for him and his other parliamentarians but it is a curse for the poor and specially old pensioners who will get increase of Rs 1000 or so in pension. On other side Pakistan has been extending its begging bowl for the last several decades especially during the so called democratic governments before IMF and World Bank, and feel proud when load is approved, and the bowl is growing in size every year. During the last four years economy and foreign policy have turned in to the weakest ones. The state is on the brink of being declared as the failure state. The government is so "able" that it could not even install coal power plant and China has done so. Pakistan was once the remote control state of USA but the later one has kicked it and it fell in to the lap of China and will step ahead only when China will hold its hand and it has done so. China has been involved in its infrastucture and roads, bridges all are constructed by China under the veil of CPEC. Does any state work for other country and people sacrifying its workers who are being kidnapped and killed, however, it will take back its benefits along with interests in near future. Independent countries and states take loans, seek help and support of other friend states but on the same and equal status. Let us have a look at other bright picture of Pakistan only 57 years ago. When Sub-continent Muslims were preparing to get Pakistan after the end of World War II, Germany was passing through its worst darkest era. War had destroyed its 114 big and small cities, its seaports, roads, 20 percent of the buildings. bridges and electricity system, industry and currency crashed to zero and barter system was used for selling and purchasing anything. Ten point four (10.4) million Germans were living in refugee camps from 1945 to 1955. Till 1962, Germany was the biggest country reared on the help of the USA. Fourteen countries used to help Germany financially, would you believe Pakistan was among these 14 countries helping Germany? Who was ruling the country, the Iron man Field Marshall Muhammad Ayub Khan, the late. Ayub Khan had extended a 20-year loan of Rs 120 million to Germany. German Chancellor had written thanks letter to government of Pakistan and his this letter is saved in the archive of our foreign ministry. During 1960, the condition of Germany was so pitiable that it requested Pakistan for 10,000 skilled workers to recover and regain its infra structure, but Pakistan refuse and Turkey provided the labour who settled there and now 3 million Turks are the citizens of Germany. This was A half century back Pakistan vs Germany. During sixties when Ayub Khan went on an official visit to Saudi Arabia, he was given warm red carpet reception and Shah Faisal himself received him. and before receiving Ayub Khan Shah Faisal participated himself in traditional sword dance with his people gathered to receive Ayub Khan. And today no need to say that how a prime minister of an Islamic nuclear power was received at the eve of Islamic conference and how did Shah Faisal's successor receive him. Ok now coming to the comparative 'observation' of Germany and Pakistan. Today, Germany is the 4th largest economy of the world, while we are at No 4ist. Germany GDP is $ 3400 billion while we have $271 billion. The annual export of Germany is $ 2100 billion while ours is only $29 billion. Germany's foreign exchange reserves are $ 203 billion, our only $21 billion, Germany's per capita income is $ 41176 while Pakistan has $ 1434. Why we are laging behind so much of the country that sought our help on 57 years ago and today we need 500 years to reach its status, if it stands still, that is not possible.? The reasons are obvious not any secret. If you have seen a picture you will get astonished in which German German Chancellor Merkel is serving Coffee from a thermos herself to the French president Nickolas Sarkozy and Greek president George Babanro sitting on ordinary chairs served with ordinary biscuts, no servant was there to serve coffee to guests. There was no costly furniture like sofa glass top tables and mineral water bottles. This is the president of a poweful country France, Mr Sarkozy who attends office riding on bicycle and Greece president purchases his grocery and cooks his meals himself. The day Pakistan gets president and prime minister like Sarkozy and George Babandro, Pakistan will prosper and will be a strong country because Allah has given it a wealth of minerals, fertile lands and every thing other countries lack in. My Allah Help Pakistan and Pakistanis. Ameen

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