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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Some Of The Laziest Criminals Ever

Unless you are a mattress tester you should never fall asleep on the job. That is particularly true if the job involves breaking the law. There are surprisingly high number of who were found sleeping in the houses they broke into. Actor Robert Downey Jr. made his longtime drug addiction embarrassingly public on July 16, 1996, by accidentally falling asleep in his Malibu neighbour's house- in a child's bed. Here are some of the examples of sleeping criminals. * Mark Smith snuck past a homeowner while she was ironing, and was discovered hours later when she saw his legs sticking out from under her bed. When the cops arrived, they found criminal passed out and were unable to rouse him from his drug-induced slumber. * Dion Davis grabbed a bag of jewelry from his victim's house before passing out right on the bed with his stolen goodies besides him. He did not even wake up when maid discovered him or when the police arrived and started taking his pictures. **-- Forgetting to flush the toilet after you go to number two is not just a bad etiquette, it is also a great way to leave DNA sample behind. Charles William should have learnt the manners because leaving the toilet unflushed in a home where he stole $1,000 worth of property was precisely what got him caught. The sample was almost lost when the family returned home and the children discovered it- they flushed the toilet before police arrived. However, William left a used toilet paper and police were able to use that to get DNA sample. **--
Many of us forget to log out of social media profiles when we are at home, and it easy enough to forget to log out even when you are at friend's home. But you are in a stranger's home, you probably should not be checking Facebook in the first place. If someone wants to lead a life of crime and can not break his social media habit long enough to commit said crime, at least remember to log out and turn off the computer so his profile could be easily accessible to the police and the victim. Thief Nick Wigg just did this and was caught when victim James wood recognised him from the Facebook profile. Wigg was even wearing the clothes he stole from Wood in his profile picture. Believe it or not three other crimes were solved in this way. So, may be criminals should consider not using Facebook if they are too forgetful to log off while committing a crime.

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