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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Some Interesting And Hilarious 'Caught Staring' Pictures

People rightly say that pictures speak thousand words, but all of these photos seem to say just one OOPS! We can not blame these guys for sneaking a quick peek.. but we can laugh at them when they get busted. *-- The first pic shows US president Barack Obama and French president Nicholas Sarkozi admire the curves of Mayora Tavares-she was just sixteen at the time.
*-- Wonder how much this photo pissed off Posh?
*-- John Kerry (now state secretary) getting in touch with American Youth.
*-- Can you blame him for staring?
*-- In his defence, it is hard to look away!.
*-- Eva clearly takes after her mother, Susan Saradon, in the looks and (bust) department.
*-- This guy's picture should be in the dictionary under "Lecherous Stare!"
*-- Hello Boobies! I am drunk and underage, nice to meet you.!
*-- Peek a boo.
*-- Dad! stop that.
*-- Dustin Hoffman says hello to the twins and not the ones in Angelina's uterus.
*-- Bum looker! Where are from?
*-- This guy is determined to show the world that he is total creep.
*-- Sophia Loren gives Jayne Mansfield's fantastic rack some serious stink eye.

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