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Monday, January 12, 2015

Some Famous Women Who Cheated On Their Husbands

Some people think men cheat more than women do. But there are so many examples of women who cheat and famous women are no different. The following are the most famous examples of the women whose infedelities were far from discrete. *-- Katherine McPheee:- Actress and singer Katherine McPhee joined the club recently. Last year she was caught kissing a married man, the director of the TV series ' Smash', with whom she was working. During this period she was separated from her husband Nick Cokas, trying to improve their marriage. That however, did not prevent her from seeing the director. She remained married to Cokas. They both said they will continue to work on their relationship. *-- Kris Jenner:-
In her book, in true Kardashian style, Kris admitted that she cheated on her first husband Robert Kardashian. His name was Ryan (believed to be alias for her lover) and was a producer. We made love everywhere, all the time. When you are a young you do many stupid things. The fact that I cheated on my husband is probably one of the biggest regrets of my life-she revealed. *-- Madonna:-
*-- Madonna was still married to Guy Richie at the time she had affair with baseball player Alex Rodriguez. Although both denied that they in relationship, the ex-wife of the athlete claimed to have seen her husband's love letter to Madonna. He allegedly said that singer was his 'soul mate'. However, despite all this, Richie said he enjpyed his marriage with Madonna and that he did not regret anything. *-- Jennifer Lopez:-
*-- The father of Chris Judd, Jennifer's second husband, told media that she cheated his son with Ben Afflek. after the nine-month marriage ended, Jennifer started dating Ben. Later there were rmours that she was cheating Mark Antony with her current boyfriend,, Casper Smart. Now there are rumours that she is cheating Smart with Antony. Any thing is possible in showbiz world. *-- Tori Spelling:-
*-- What happened to Tori can be described as bad karma. When she met Dean both were married. However, they fell in love, and divorced their partners. They now have four children, but now there were rumours that dean was cheating on Tori.

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