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Monday, January 12, 2015

Hayat Boumeddiene's Father Handed over Himself To Police

The devastated father of France's most wanted woman handed himself to police, declaring 'that is my daughter' it was revealed last night. Muhammad Boumeddiene went to the authorities just hours after seeing his daughter Hayat's mugshots on television-- released following her husband's murder of policewoman and later four hostages in Parisian deli. Mr Boumeddiene is said to be shocked and heartbroken by his daughter's alleged involvement in terror siege. She is thought to have fled France and made her way to Syria.
Neighbour say he has since locked himself in his flat, disconnected telephone and has been heard crying and saying," I do not know if she is dead or alive". A friend said he went to the mosque on Friday to pray and then himself to the police station after he saw his picture on the television. Police described Hayat,26, who reportedly received terror training as "armed and dangerous".
Her husband Amedi Coulibaly, 32, was the part of same group as the Kouachi brothers, -- Sharif 32, and Said ,34, who allegedly killed 12 at Charlie Hebdo magazine office. Hayat is believed to be involved in planning coordinated attacks, after phone call records revealed she had exchanged more than 500 calls with Sharif's wife Izzana last year.

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