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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Reham Khan's Family And Relatives Have Boycotted Her

Reham Khan is the niece of former governor KPK and late justice Abdul Hakeem Khan and her several relatives are working on high ranking posts. She belongs to town Baffa in Hazara (KPK). Her ex- husband Dr Ijaz Rahman is her first cousin. He had provided her all the worldly facilities. She was living a calm and prosperous life in London. She was only matriculate when she shifted to London with her husband. Dr Ijaz arranged for her higher education and provided her a luxurient life, giving her car along with shauffer. When her openness and western style life crossed the limits, Dr Ijaz came under pressure from Pakistani society in London as well from ancestral village and family. He talked to her but Reham preferred to get divorce rather than to quit her western life style not even for the sake of kids. Dr Ijaz came to Pakistan to complete divorce process. She got divorce in British court and under the law she received a lion share of Dr Ijaz's property as well as 0.1 million pounds monthly stipend from ex-husband. After divorce she was free to enjoy western life and joined BBC TV. Her family cut off all the contacts with her. Her father was a renown physician who worked in Libya for several years. He also taught in Kkhyber Medical College (Now University). Her cousins are on higher posts in Pakistan but do not indicate themselves to be her relatives. They had no concern with her marriage to Imran Khan.

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