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Monday, January 12, 2015

Nepal Government Fights Against Sexual Harrassment By Starting Women's-Only Buses

Nepalese women can now take women-only buses in Kathmandu as the government tries to fight sexual harrassment and groping on public transport. Four 16-seat buses will take women across a popular east-west route, and if initiative proves successful government will add more.
While there are no official sexual assault statistics in Nepal, police say violence against women have almost quadrupled as the country sees increased awareness of gender crimes. A senior transport ministry official said " there were complaints that women are facing groping and sexual harrassment while travelling in crowded buses". The buses initially will have male drivers and only one female will be serving as conductor. While authorities want to hire more female drivers and conductors. A 17-year-old student Parbati says " It is safer as well as more comfortable but the buses must run when it gets dark and it is difficult for women to travel.

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