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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Lost Nuclear Warheads By Superpowers

The self-made guard father of the globe, Uncle Sam, would never see any other country except Israel to develop nuclear technology, especially the Islamic States. However, One of the Islamic state Pakistan was fortunate and lucky to be the 7th atomic power in the world and the first Islamic country. How much pressure was exerted on Pakistan not to blast the bomb experimentally, bundles of previliges were offered, but By the Grace of Allah Pakistan became the atomic Power. We utterly needed a deterrent because we have a cunning enemy adjescent to us. However, the USA closed its eyes when Pakistan was passing through the process of making atomic bomb, because it needed Pakistan's help against USSR (at that time). Now, when it does not need Pakistan, it makes uproar that Pakistan can not protect its nuclear assets and these can go in to the hands of Taliban. Whereas, Pakistan's nuclear assets are more in safer hands than those of USA's own. The USA itsef is so careless regarding its nuclear warheads that a kid would be more careful while handling his toys. The accidents involving American and Soviet ships, bombers and rockets have left at least 50 atomic warheads ad nine nuclear reactors scattered on the ocean floor since 1956, according to a comprehensive study of naval accidents. According to reports since 1950 more than three dozens such incidents have ocurred in which the USA< UK, France, China, Russia and Israel have lost atomic warheads, but such accidents are kept secret. Only those accidents are revealed that are impossible to hide. However, USA is better in this regard that it discloses the secrets after some time though there is a lot of mixture of lies in the revealed details. For example USA's hydrogen bomb sunk into Pacific Ocean as a result of an accident just 100 km of a coastal city of Japan but the USA said the accident ocurred 500 km away from the coast of Japan in open ocean. However, the live hydrogen bomb is still lying on the floor of the sea and could not be found despite many efforts. So, the study shows some 1,276 nuclear and non-nuclear accidents sine World War II involving world navies. Here are a few examples of the carelessness and mishandling of the nuclear warheads by the superpowers that consider themselves the most smart countries in this regard. *-- On February 03, 1950, an American B-36 Peacemaker plane carrying a MK4 atom bomb was flying from Elson Airforce base Alaska to Texas. Alaska is the coldest state of the USA. Ice started getting freezed on the carborator of the plane, pilot made three engine out of six off. Pilot also minimised the power of the remaining three engines due to which plane failed to maintain its flight in the coldest weather. The crew decided to leave the plane when flying over an island. the 12 members of the crew were rescued while 6 got drowned in ice and plane sank into the depth of the sea along with atom bomb that could not be found till today. *-- On April 11 1950, an American B-29 super fortress plane carrying an atom bomb destroyed just after taking off, near New Mexico. The 13 crew members died. Fortunately, the nuclear core of the bomb was not connected to four detonators, therefore despite blaze the bomb did not spread destruction. *-- On August 5, 1950, a plane was carrying atom bomb that had several faults in its engines. The plane crashed and got destroyed at Fairfield Sui Gas air base in which 19 people died including brigadier general Robert Trouse. The air base was afterwards name after his name . The bomb blased due to fire but fortunately it was not connected to to nuclear core. *-- November 10, 1950. As soon as a B-29 plane carrying atom bomb took off from Canadian base for the USA, it got fault in its engine. When the crew came to know they would not be able to crash landing they threw huge bomb in the river Laurance near Canadian province Cubec. This bomb blasted in the air and fortunately it was not having plutonium core installed, however, 45 kg used uranium spread under the surface of the river. *-- March 10, 1956. Material of two atom bombs packed in two cases was sent to an airbase by B-47 jet plane. It was a non-stop flight and was to be fueled in the air. it got fuel successfully one time from oil carrier in the air, but after that the plane disappeared and could not be found despite of utmost efforts. It is though that it dropped into Arabian sea along with nuclear material. There are many other instances in which superpowers like the USA and Russia lost nuclear warheads, live atom bombs through the sinking of submarines or bombers. These super powers blame other atomic powers specially Pakistan to be incapable of protecting its atomic assets, while there nothing happened like those of superpowers in this regard.

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