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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Jewish Lobby's New Attempt Will Spark Anger Among The Muslims All Over The World

A village shopkeeper, Aghera, in Britain is stocking more than hundred copies of new issue of Charlie Hebdo to show her support for free speech. Though she was nervous in wake of last week's attack in Paris. The magazine where nine members of staff were shot dead, has caused a fresh controversy by featuring a cartoon (Lanat Ullah e Ilal Kazabeen wal Munafaqeen) of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)- holding a Je Suis Charlie sign on its cover.
Three million copies of Charlie Hebdo's new edition are being printed to meet public's huge demand, in the wake of killings. Prominent Muslims have condemned the cover cartoon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as highly offensive- and warned it will provoke more extreme violence. But Mrs Aghera whose newsagent is in upmarket village, said she has already received 80 orders for the magazine across the Britain. I am nervous, I am shaking now , I have only a little village shop but I do not care because what I am doing is right. We will be selling it from Friday.
Around 2,000 copies are being imported into UK sparking trade on eBay. The bidding for one copy has already exceeded pounds 500 having soared from its original price of 99p to pounds 511 in just over six hours.
The 2,000 UK copies are being distributed by newspaper and magazine wholesaler Smith News and Menzies Distribution. A spokesman of Menzies Distribution LTD said we do not not expect particular security issues, but we will take whatever precautions our security team believes are sensible to to make sure the security of our employees. The edition is being printed in French, Italian, and Turkish and will also be available in English, Arabic and Spanish to be downloaded from the internet. The new front cover features the headlines in very insulting manner for Muslims. The words can not be re-written by a Muslim (NaoZo Billah). from (The Daily Mail).

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