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Friday, January 16, 2015

Paris Supermarket Employee Will Be Awarded French Citizenship

The Muslim employee Lassana Bathily, who helped save the lives of several customers in the super market attack in Paris will be awarded French citizenship on January 20, in a ceremony, for his bravery. The 24-year shop assistant was in the underground stockroom when gunman Amedi Coulibaly burst in up stairs, firing from a Klashinkov. When the gunman entered the store, people came rushing down saying there was an armed madman. Bathily said," I thought there was only option to hide them in the freezer, so I switched it off and got every one inside. He said he tried to persuade some to follow him as he sneaked out of the building using a goods lift but they were too scared to move. "I knew the emergency exit so I took the chance but if gunman had seen me I would have been dead." he said. He also got a call from president Hollande ahead of the huge unity rally that drew more than one million people to the streets of Paris. There was also praise from Israeli prime minister Netanyaho, who took part in the historic match along with the head of Palestinian Authority Mehmood Abbas. A Facebook page created on Saturday for Lassana has garnered more than 22,400 likes, while thousands of people shared hashtag on twitter ( A medal for Lassana).

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