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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mia Khalifa-- The Labanese Star Is The Most World's Most Popular Adult Actress

A labanese actress, Mia Khalifa,21-years has sparked an outrage in her home country after being voted one of the world's most popular adult actresses. She also received death threats after she was ranked number one by a leading adult website. The accolade has caused a widespread up set in the Middle East- with Twitter users taking to the social media site in their hoards to air their opinion on it. One user wrote, I am a Palestinian patriot and what are you doing is shameful". Natives are up set and offended by her work, especially because she often boasts her Labanese heritage on Twitter and Instagram , posting photographs of her Arabic tattoos that read," koullnouna-lil-watan, lil-ou'la lil alam" the opening line of Labanese national anthem.
The actress hit back the troll Tweeting," does not Middle East have more important things to worry about besides me.". The actress who has worked in the industry for three months.

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