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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Imran Khan's Rival Groups Are Posting Reham's Vulgar Pics On Social Media

Imran Khan now must clarify whether he has really married Reham Khan or if not then should tell the truth. Otherwise mud slinging will continue on Reham Khan (his wife, if it is true). This will damage his political reputation that he gained after a ling struggle. Imran Kah is now public figure and a celebrity his personal acts are also monitored and criticised that can make his graph of political success fall suddenly and quickly. The haters of Imran Khan also include those girls and women who wanted to marry Khan. There is no harm if he has married, he did an Islamic act, no matter if she is divorcee or mother of three. People have been marrying prostitutes who did nothing wrong after marriage. But if she is his wife, he must ask him to be in Islamic dress and must leave western life style. As the rumoured marriage news of Imran Khan and Reham Khan is spreading like wild fire. Online abusers have set up Facebook hate hate pages attacking Reham Khan and her family after it was rumoured that she has married Imran Khan. News of potential union has sparked outrage in Pakistan and trolls have now accused Raham Khan (Ms Khan) of being a lesbian for stroking a woman's back, and attempted to shame her for going to parties.
Users have blasted her for wearing short skirts, slated her for dancing with unknown persons, and branded her a 'pornstar' while claimed to be in possession of topless pictures. One image even claims to show Reham in a sex shop in the UK wearing a pink nightdress with a collar around her neck and a whip slung over her shoulder. (Pic below).
But Imran Khan's sister Aleema Khan said we have asked Khan "was he married" Khan said no. We do not know whether he is in relationship with her.
A producer of the TV station where Reham now works said she has a very good access to Khan, while his political party knows about the meetings but never stopped him.

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