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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Certain Scenes That Kim Jong-un Did Not Want You To See

Sony may have come under fire for editing certain scenes from The Interview, but it seems more of the some controversial images might just have slipped through the net. The million of the viewers who have already downloaded the movie would have been treated to scenes showing James Franco cavorting with topless dancers and two girls kissing-scenes which are unlikely to impress North Korean uptight leader. Kim Jong -Un has made no secret of his fury over the movie, and FBI has continued to insist that North Korea is behind the cyber attack on Sony, in which thousand of documents were leaked.
Last week it was revealed that Sony removed 10-minute scene depicting the aftermath of a gay orgy between Kim Jong-Un and television presenter Dave Skylark. But it seems the racy scenes depicting lesbian-kisses and half-naked North Korean women dancing indeed made a cut. The movie starring Seth Roger and James Franco as two hapless journalists tasked with taking out the feared dictator has been a continuous source of tension between the US and North Korea. Over the summer, North Korea warned the release of film will be 'an act of war that we will never tolerate' it said US will face 'merciless' retaliation. Then a hacking cell called Guardian of Peace launched a cyber attack on Sony Pictures. Among the documents leaked in the hack was the version of the film's script including scenes which were did not appear in the film released online.
Details edited from the film included North Korean military insignia, which was originally visible on soldiers' uniforms in the film and a conversation between Rogen and Franco about the Kim's sexual abilities.
President Obama has promised retaliation for the hack against Sony, but it is unclear what punishment will entail.

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