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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Saudi Husband Divorced Wife On Being Romantic

A Saudi wife reportedly faced severe consequences, in the form of divorce, when he expressed love to her husband at the airport. A Saudi husband went furious over expressing of love by his wife at airport when his wife tried to hold his hand and said him 'sweet'. Surprisingly the woman got divorced by her husband over being so romantic. A Saudi Islamic and social researcher Abdul Aziz Al-Zeer confirming the divorce report termed it a regretful move. Al Zeer said the woman refused to leave man's arm when he angrily asked her to stay away and suddenly divorced her at the airport. However, man felt regret over being so hasty in a very critical act. Saudi is Muslim and did he know the severe and shameful consequences for him, if he wants to remarry his divorced wife. She will have to tie knot with other man and spend night with him (in which conjugation is a must) and her new husband if willingly divorced her then he can remarry her. It is called "halala". Therefore, our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Ahmad Mujtaba (PBUH)termed divorce a most 'unwanted' act. If the wife does not want divorce from her new husband or her second husband husband do not want to divorce her then no body can force him to do so.

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