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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Children Raised By Animals

*--After seeing his mother murdered by his father, a traumatised 4-year-old boy, John Sscbunya fled toto the jungle, where he was reportedly raised by troop of vervet monkeys until his discovery in 1991. As is often the case, when feral children are discovered he resisted capture from the villagers who sought to take him in. And was assisted by his adoptive monkey family who supposedly threw sticks at his potential captors.
*-- In 2009, a five-year-old girl from the city of Chita, siberia was found to be walking on all fours, drinking water with tongue and communicating by barking after being raised by dogs. Police discovered she had spent her life locked in a room with cats and dogs. The room had no heat or water neither was equipped with bathroom. When she was found she could not speak in her native language (Russian). Instead she jumped at the door and would bark as her caretakers left.
*-- In 2008, a seven-year-old boy was found to have spent his entire life living in a tiny two bed room apartment surrounded by birds. His mother never spoke to him and treated him like pet. When found he was unable to communicate-he could only chirp and flap his arms like wings.
*-- In 2007, hospital workers discovered a boy in a lair of sticks and leaves with a pack of wolves in the Kaluga region of central Russia. They named him Lyokha and were bewildered by the boy's wolf like traits, including claw -like teonails, sharp-teeth and wolf-like gait. Lyokha was identified as ten -year- old boy, but his origion is still unknown, as he escaped the hospital within 24 hours of entering. Popular opinion suggets Lyokha's parents abondoned him, leaving him to live with wolves.

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