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Monday, December 29, 2014

Organisers Of The Protest Against Maulana Aziz Are Being Threatened

The standoff between civil society and Lal Masjid Khatib (Cleric) has taken another alarming turn. Following threats from Taliban groups, organisers of the protests are being targeted by a social media compaign that could endanger their lives. Muhammad Jibran Nasir, a Karachi-based lawyer and rights activist who has been at the forefront of the movement that aims to 'reclaim Lal Masjid' is being called a non-Muslim and an Ahmadi. Posts on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook featuring photos of Jibran participating in Holy celebrations are being used as 'proof' of his anti-Muslim allegiances. However, the defiant Mr Jibran stands firm. In a message sent from his Twitter account he said ," I owe my allegiances to human rights. Sunni, Shia, Ahmadi, Christian, Hindu, Parsi... whoever.. I will continue to advocate human rights for all.." Organisers of the protest against Lal Masjid are considering holding press conference to respond to these allegations. There is fear among certain circles that accusations against Mr Nasir could be life-threatening, as saying that someone is an Ahmadi in Pakistan is paramount to inciting violence against that person. Another civil society activist Shan Taseer said that they will clarify in a press conference Jibran Nasir is not an Ahmadi. Moreover, he is not the only person who started the compaign. There are a number of people who see Maulana Abdul Aziz's statement about martyrs of Peshawar School as derogatory. Because saying someone Ahmadi in the prevailing situation can instigate murder.

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