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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Miley Cyrus' "Free The Nipple" Compaign

In case you somehow missed it , Miley Curus has nipples. and she really, really wants you to see them. When she is out of the town or attending some sort of classy soiree, Miley puts on her marijuana leaf pasties, but she is posing for a selfie, she lets it all hang out and she is sick of those squares at instagram deleting her nip pics. In the past Miley has been quit vocal in her support of 'free the nipple' movement that opposes what it believes to be a sexist policy toward nudity on the popular photo-sharing site. Miley being Miley, she has decided to go a step further than just posting the occasional booby shots that immediately gets taken down. Instead she has decided to post images so disturbing that they will change the way you look for ta-tas for the rest of your days.
It is thought goal is that the pics will stay burned into your brain long after they get deleted by IG administrator in that sense, it is guessed that it is more effective than just a close-up of boob. Seeing the faces of Elvis and Wayne Coyne from the Flamming Lips superimposed over Miley's topless body is disturbing, to say the least, but it is the edits made by Miley's personal camera roll that are really causing eye bleach to fly off the shelves. Lately, MIley is using photos of her childhood and pics of her dead dog Floyd to photoshop semi-nude mesh-ups that would probably be enough to have her committed in in some countries.
look, all are for exposed boobs and freedom of artistic expression, but Miley's combination of two God-given rights is causing us some seriously disturbing nightmares.

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