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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hamid Mir May Leave Geo Soon And Join NEO TV

Rumours are circulating in the media that senior journalist and famous anchor is likely to leave Geo News. Host of the famous talk show, Capital Talk, Hamid Mir is on vacation for the last couple of weeks and Usama Ghazi is conducting the show Capital Talk. It is expected that after leaving Geo News, he will join Neo News soon. He is a Pakistani journalist and news anchor. Born to a journalist family in Lahore, Mir initially worked in numerous mainstream newspapers and currently hosts political talk show Capital Talk on Geo News. He writes columns for Urdu as well as English newspapers both national and international. During the military government of Parvez Musharraf he was banned from appearing on Pakistani TV channels, later banned by Zardari administration June 2008.

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