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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Jamat Ul Ahrar Claims Mardan Blast's Responsibility

Banned outfit Jamat Ul Ahrar claimed the responsibility for blast at Nadra office Mardan. At least 22 people were dead and 40 other injured in deadly attack at NADRA office, report says it was a suicide attack. Huge crowd was gathered at the time of blast, therefore due to which loss is increasing as the time is passing. Many of the injured were already in critical condition.
Security guard Pervaz sacrificed his life in tackling suicide bomber to save the lives of other at NADRA office Mardan. According to reports Pervaiz tried to stop the suicide bomber at the main gate when the attacker detonated the vest. The blast ripped through the front entrance of the regional brach of NADRA, which is responsible for issuing ID cards.

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