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Monday, December 21, 2015

Some Most Mysterious Nations Of The World

Several historians and ethnographers have failed to know these people's secrets as they have managed to remain secret. *Russians: Yes they are mysterious! Scientists still can not agree on their origins and answer the question when Russians became Russians. They do not even know where this word itself comes from. The ancestry of Russians was sought among the Normans, Scythians, Sarmatians, Wends and even and even the South Siberian Usuns. *Prussians:er Their origin itself is a mystery too. It was firstly mentioned in the records of an anonymous merchant and later in the Polish and German cronicles. Linguists find its analogies in Indo-European languages and it to trace back to sanscrit Purusa 'man'. *Cossacs: It is also not cleat where did they come from. Their homeland could be in the North Causasus at the sea of Azov or in the west of Turkestan. Their geneology could go back to Scythians, The Alans and Khazars etc. *Parsi: An ethno confessional group of Zoroastrism followers whoo have an Irani origin. Today their population amounts to 130 thousand people. The Pasis have their own temples called "Towers of Silence". *Kalash People (Kalasha): Small-numbered people, who live in the North of Pakistan, in the Hindu Kush mountains are probably the whitest people of Asia. Disputes about the Kalasha have never ended. The people themselves insist on their connection to Alexander the Great. Their language phonoligically atypical. It has a basic structure of Sanscrit. Despite the attempts of Islamization, Kalash people stick to polytheism.

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