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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Some Real Life Barbies

Ashton Clarke:- With platinum blonde hair, plumped-up lips and ample cleavage, Ashton Clarke is Barbie's walking, talking doppelgänger. But the hot 22-year-old is sick of people wrongly judging her due to her plastic-fantastic style. The multilingual student speaks four languages and is working towards her Ph.D. in psychology, yet people instantly brand her as "thick." Ashton didn't always look like a living doll. At the age of 16, the mousy teen decided to revamp her look and started styling herself as a Barbie. To emulate the look, she dyes her hair blonde, applies fake tan, gets lip fillers and wears contouring makeup, false eyelashes, hair extensions and colored contact lenses. Although Ashton, from Knoxville, Tennessee, feels happier and more confident as a Barbie, people are quick to judge her on her appearance. "They expect me to be an airhead or Lolita Richi
This 16-year-old human Barbie claims that she has never gone under the knife. Lolita Richi, from Ukraine, says that she is "the ultimate vamp woman", and claims that she has the "best doll-like beauty." Richi, who has a tiny 20-inch waist, a 32F bra size and uses contact lenses to get the wide-eyed doll stare Angelica Kenova
Angelica, 26, from Moscow, Russia, still lives with her parents and has never had a boyfriend. She has been dressing up as Barbie since birth and is only allowed to go on dates if her mother, Natalia, accompanies her. Angelica, who claims to be a model, a child psychologist, and ballet dancer -regularly poses for her half-naked photos with her parents' approval. Alina
Alina from Ukraine,21, looks like barbie despite never going under the knife. Alina is a You Tube star who has made a splash by showing off her doll-like charms.

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