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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Divorcee Woman Liked To Live With Dumb Husband Instead Of Returning To Former Rich One

A pretty Yemeni woman who was divorced three times by her rich husband refused to return to rich husband and decided to stay with her new, poor mute husband. The Yemeni had paid YR 100,000 (Dh 1,700) to the mute man to marry his divorcee, so he will be permitted to remarry her under Islamic law (This is called "Halala"). Which is of course, shameful, This was the reason that divorce was unliked by our Great Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Ahmad Mujaba (PBUH). Islamic law prohibits a husband from reinstating his wife if he divorces her for the third time, unless she marries another man and he divorces her on his own not by force or for money. The dumb accepted the sum, which he considered a a big wealth, on the condition that he will divorce her a month after marrying her. 'Al Rai' Arabic language daily said the rich chose, 35-year-old poor and mute to marry his 28-year-old wife on the grounds he was poor and would agree to divorce her. But at the end of the month the dumb man refused to divorce her. The rich man was also told by his divorcee that she would rather stay with her dumb husband than returning to him. The rich man then filed a court suit but he lost the case after judge told him that the marriage between the woman and the dumb man was legal.

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