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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Can Government Guess What Could Be The Final Demand Of Taliban For Returning Peace To Pakistan?

There is no doubt that government of Pakistan has engaged itself in dialogue with Taliban for peace and safety of the people's lives, safety of the national property and military installations, no doubt government's intention is good and in the best interest of the nation. Every Pakistani prays for the success of the talks and in the restoration of the peace in the country. Though TTP has announced ceasefire but Ahrar Hind and other India-and Israel paid groups are involved in subversive activities. It is also noticeable that government position is weaker, while Taliban are presenting their demands with confidence. It seems that they will get all their demands accepted and government may or may not get its demands equally accepted by Taliban. Taliban know very well that who the people involved in terrorist activities, if it is not TTP, then why government does not demand Taliban to stop their hands or take their weapons against them, before they sit on the dialogues table. Because Pakistanis are still targeted.
Taliban have become so strong militarily that they are sitting with the government committee members like the representatives of a state. And it is true. If they consider themselves representatives of a state, because they rule tribal areas where government has lost its writ. And it is true too that in a full war against Pakistan, they can not and can never fight against Pak army and win, Pakistani army is one of the best and highly trained armies in the world. This was the the reason that Taliban agreed to talk and announced ceasefire immediately, as soon as military initiated preliminary operation. But still they are so strong that they can keep army engaged for years, because the tribal areas are the territory that Britishers could not occupy. And were forced to extend previleges to tribal Maliks.
So, if the talks get successful and Taliban agree to complete ceasefire and stop their activities in Pakistan and against Pakistan, what government think they will throw/lay-down arms and will sit idle? No never. The y have not struggled for a long period of time that they will the way of life they got used to i.e. fighting. Can government convince them to go to other countries where Muslims are in trouble and are under the continued atrocities of the majority like Myanmar, Kashmir or Palestime? If no then, what would be their final demand from government, it is guesss that they will demand the occupation of North Waziristan first with capital Miran Shah, where they have stronghold, and slowly and gradually will extend their demands to hand over South Waziristan with capital Wana and other tribal areas. They will make it an Islamic state They would like to fulfil their objectives of the struggle and that is implementation of Islamic Sharia. Can government afford that? Though not all the tribal elites are in their favour but when they would have their rule there automatically they will have to obey them and tribal people are already religious minded. In Afghanistan, after the withdrawal of NATO forces Kabul government whose it may be can not resist Afghan Taliban who will definetely get the Kabul government back and Pakistani tribal areas and Afghanistan may get merged in the form of an Greater Islamic State. However, fight for power power will continue between Taliban and Taliban as the past history of Afghanistan indicates. What the readers think?

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