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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Manadana Karimi Loves Salman Khan

An Iranian celebrity, reportedly Manadana Karimi showed off from her actions that she likely to work for NGO which undergoes Bollywood celebrity Salman Khan. Her fascination reveals the whole affair has nothing to do with Salman's superstar status or his being single. Actually this Bhaag Johny babe is literally smitten by Salman's charity brand Being Human. It looks like for Salman age is just a number and as the star is growing older his charm is getting more lethal. Now if recent buzz is to be believed then there is another foreign girl from Iran, who wants to be under the umbrella of Sallu, Bollywood celebrity. Buzz further suggest that being pro-social human Manadana just wants to get associated with Salman's NGO in order to render her services to downtrodden. After seeing Salman's extra benevolence towards many of firang imports, definitely Manadana has some fair chances of making it to Salman's inner circles.

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