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Monday, March 17, 2014

Malaysian Goverment Requested Pakistan To Help In Searching Missing Plane

The search operations regarding Malaysian flight MH370 have been extended from mid Asia to Australia. While Malaysia has sought help from 25 countries including Pakistan in this regard. The joint research team (WYNC) of Malaysia and western countries have found evidences that satellite received last signals from flight MH370 when it was on the grounded and landed. These signals had been receiving for seven hours after the plane disappeared from the radar. Researchers have identified 634 such runways among which on one the missing plane possibly landed. These suspicious places could have been from Pakistan to south Australia and Japan. The investigators of research team are trying to collect radar data from all those countries from where the missing was likely to pass. Malaysian authorities have contacted, Kzakistan, Uzbekistan, Karghistan, Turkamanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China, Burma, Lious, Veitnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, France and other countries. Spokesperson of Pakistani foreign office Tasneem Aslam has confirmed the contact by Malaysian authorities, however, she said Pakistan has no radar record of missing plane. She said Pakistan ha strong radar system, similarly India has, and it is impossible that the plane can travel for such a long system without being identified by radars. According to experts the plane had enough fuel to fly up to 2200 miles. British intelligence has said it was possible tat plane had been hijacked by mobile device. Britain's Daily Express report say that hackers could change the direction, speed and height of the plane through electronic signals. According to New York Times, Malaysian authorities are investigating the likely suicide of the pilot of the plane. And they started scrutiny of the biodata of pilot Zahiri Ahmad Shah and co-pilot Farooq Abdul Hameed. Meanwhile, western press has initiated full compaign against Pakistan. CNN, British daily the Daily Mail and other media channels are hinting the travel of missing plane toward Pakistan in their reports. They forgot hat it is a plane not a needle that can be kept hidden. Secondly, if it were so, India would have never been silent and would have not missed the chance to defame Pakistan.

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