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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Some Rediculous Bans By Governments

*-- China: Game Consoles:- Most game consoles are made in China and Chinese prisoners are often forced to play World of Warcraft so the government can collect their loot and sell it to other players , so which is why it seems utterly so bizarre that China does not allow sale of gaming consoles. The ban took place back in 2000, when the government exprssed its concern that
the country's youth would waste their time playing games instead of working. Even so, gamers are permitted to buy non- console games, making the ban notably ineffective- which is probably why it is not extensively enforced. *-- China: Avatar In 2D:- While the army in Avatar is undoubtedly American, the idea of people siding with an indigenous population against an imperialistic force is something that China was not
comfortable with. That is why shortly after the release of the movie in China, authorities decided the movie could only be shown in 3 D. Since there are very few 3 D theaters in China, the move was effectively a ban on movie. *-- Russia: Emo Clothing:- Plenty of people do not like emo fashion, but while it is not that weird when for a parent to tell their kids they can wear that crap outside the house, it is entirely different when the whole government takes such a drastic stand. When the Russian
government was trying to stop high suicide rates among the teen though, they decided emo fashion were to blame. The government went so far as to dub the style " a threat to national stability" before people banning from wearing emo clothing to public schools and government buildings. Do not worry sullen teens of Russia, you can still listen to all forlorn emo music you want, you can not just dress like you listen to it. *-- Iran: 'Western' Hair Style:- Like many Middle Eastern governments, Iran hates the impending spread of decadent Western culture. In order to better protest their people from depraved culture of Europe and North America, the government of Iran has banned all hair cut that are not included in
their list of government-approved styles. Banned styles include mullets, ponytails, and spikes. Barber shops that do not follow the law can be shut down and penalized. *-- China: Jasmine:- After the "Jasmine Revolutions" in Tunisia, Chinese protesters were inspired to spark
their own revolution. As a result authorities cracked down not only on the rebels but on flower itself. The plant is now banned in the country, as are songs about the flower and text messages including the word "Jasmine".

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