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Friday, March 7, 2014

Indian Citizens are Preparing For Mars Journey

A resident of Gugaoon city in the suberben area of Indian capital New Delhi and an engineering student 21-year-old Amolandahi Rastogi, who has been selected for preliminary one-way travel to Mars, says, " I want to meet unknown people, I feel that we are not the only creature in this Universe, if it is possible, I want to live sometime on earth and for sometime on Mars." Purtagese organization "Mars-1" had announced one -way ticket for 2024 Mars journey, for which two million people had applied. Up till now, 1,058 people have been selected but only 24 people will be selected for second, third and final stage. Among the applicants 62 Indian are on on number two after Americans. The seven-year training of the selected persons will start in 2015. They will be trained to adjust themselves under the specific environment and to make then capable of of working together within small groups. However, it is not known how would live on Mars where condition for life is not appropriate at all.

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