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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Scientists Have Claimed To Discover Extremely Sensitive Magnetic Substance

American scientists have claimed to discover extremely sensitive magnetic substance that can bring revolutionary changes in the computer's hard drives and in the energy storing equipments. This two-layered metallic substance needs ordinary temperature to change its form to magnetic material. The change in the form of magnetic substance is considered an important quality in electronic engineering. Made up of thin layers of nickle and vendium oxide this substance give astonishing reaction on temperature. The researcher at the University of California Professor Sheller says on low temperature this substance is non-conductor and on high temperature it acts like metal, but in the middle it changes to a unique material. It is not yet decided how to use this substance but prof Sheller sees its usage in the memory system of computer. This new substance can be changed to have magnetic resonance on only 20 degrees and new transformer can be made from this substance that can tolerate high voltage.

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