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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Satan Worshippers Revealed In Pakistan

According to the Daily "Ummat" Karachi that they contacted a person named Khan who on a website claimed that he was searching and collecting information about the activities of devil worshippers and finally he found a church of Satan worshippers in Karachi. The 'Ummat' said according to Khan when he gave his contact number on website, he received threats of serious consequences from several people, one of them send to Khan his (Khan's)Id card no and full address and said he will be lifted from home and will be taken to a place where he would be found to anybody. After their threats Khan blocked his number and shifted along his family to KPK. According to 'Ummat' on repeated requests Khan told that Devil Church in Karachi is situated in 600 yards Bungalow of Saba Avenue in Phase Extension of Defence Housing authority. Strict security around the church is observed 24 hours a day and no one even stay a single moment near it. But Khan said according to his observations this church is not used for their faith rituals that are held outside the city somewhere in the farm houses. Khan said as far as he could know these devil worshippers have another church in Islamabad's G-7 area but he did know its exact location. Khan said that at present there are 3000 Satan worshippers in Pakistan. However, their activities are limited to Satanic websites, blogs and social websites. This Satanic worship is being promoted swiftly in Iran as compared to Pakistan. According to a survey in Iran at present 70 devil worship organizations are active and nearly 5,000 people are linked to these groups. These Satanic groups are posing risks to moral and civil values. The survey in Iran also revealed that these groups are most active in mid and south western cities Shiraz (located on 924 Km in south of Tehran) and Koraj ( located on 25 km north west of Tehran). The age of the majority of the members is between 18 and 25 years. The members use rings with horn designs, skull shaped necklaces, and keep long hair. In Iran police also took action against he shops selling symbols of Satan on garments and other items. According to an Iranian minister this 'soft war' has also affected TVs. As several film series and commercials are displayed on TV that use Satanic music. According to an Iranian newspaper "Jam e Jum", during last days the musical concert of Satan worshippers was raided and more than 100 people were arrested by Inqalabi Guards in Shiraz, who wee drinking alcohol as well their own blood after wounding different parts of body. Though in middle eastern countries these groups are not yet fully organized but gradually they are increasing in number. The head of Islamic Enlightenment Society Sheikh Saeed ul Noori, has warned that in Bahrain they are 700 in number while in 2007 they were only 140. During last week an Italian restaurant in Manama was raided and more than 50 members of Satanic group were arrested who were holding their Rock Music Concert. Some of them had come from Saudi Arabia and other countries of the region. They offer their rituals in dark night at Jabal ur Dar Khan.

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