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Monday, March 10, 2014

Thar--The Desert Of Death, Hunger, Thirst And Diseases

Would the world believe in this computer age that people, young and old , women and children, only on a distance of 180 km from the city of skyscrappers, the capital of Sindh, Karachi, hundreds of children died due to hunger and diseases with in one week and the rulers were sleeping lavishly in their palaces. The poor dying children of the poor parents did not even receive s single tablet or a dose of medicine in government hospital. This is the district of Tharparker that has the coal reserves which can suffice for producing 50,000 mega watts electricity for next 500 years. Here present prime minister Nawaz Sharif and the former president Asif Ali Zardari jointly inaugurated Thar coal project and embraced each other to express their determination to "strengthen democracy" (Some of which has already been strengthened by Zardari and the remaining will be strongly strengthened by Sharif family). This was the media that brought the famine hit population of Thar and dying children to light. The rulers claim to be the Ummah of that Prophet (PBUH) whose Caliphs used to weep due to the fear that if a Dog died on the bank of Furat river, Caliph will be accountable Before Allah on the Day Of Judgement. More than two hundred children died due to the non availability of medicines, lack of proper treatment, hunger and cold. The capital Mithi has a 50-bed small district hospital that has scarcity of medicines and that supplied even can not feed the belly of medical staff what to speak of making available to "insect like" children of Thar. Thar desert, the residents of which have blame of lives, otherwise they are not treated more than creeping insects by Pakistani kings and princes. They have no basic amenities of life, no food, no schools, no hospitals and no drinking water. Mithi is the capital of district Tharparkar. Its area is 19,538 square km while population is 9,56812. It has four tehsils, Chachra, Deeplo, Mithi and Nangarparkar. Towards north are districts of Mirpur Khas and Umarkot, To wards east are Barmir and Jesselmir districts of India, Badin is towards west and some terrirory of Ran Kachh. annual down pour is only 9 in and drought prevails most part of the year. The inelligible governments could not arrange water supply pipelines for the drinking purposes of the poor people, while millions of rupees are being spent on the security to save the lives of VIPs and other high profile people of Pakistan. Now today, PM is visiting thar and for one day the fortune of Tharparkar will change. Hospital will be provided medicines, new beds and bed sheets for patients will be seen, doctors will be busy in saving the lives of poor children. Roads will be washed, piles of trash will be removed. The concerned authorities will claim serving the Tharparkans, devotedly. But, the poor people will return to their traditional lives after the dream is broken. This is the fate of the poor people not only in Thar but throughout Pakistan.

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