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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Health Wonders Of Garlic

The world researchers conducting research in the field of medical sciences have concluded that garlic has wonderful benefit for health. According to medical experts garlic has such constituents of sulfure that increase human body's resistance power and saves from several epidemics. Using garlic in daily diet plays an important role in lowering the risks of cancer and skin diseases. The use of garlic increases the number of beneficial bacteria in our body that keep our digestive system in proper order and eliminates the harmful bacteria. According to a study garlic keeps our blood clean and saved from chronic cold and flu. It helps in keeping the blood flow in vein normal and control any clotting. American medical researcher Careen Read says it is useful for the patients suffering from hypertension. Common garlic used in soups prevents the formation of malignant cells of every kind of cancer. It has been proved to prevent breast and prostate caners. Where the use of garlic saves you from many diseases it is similarly beneficial to save you from cough, breathing troubles, intestinal disorders, skin diseases, paralysis, memory loss, duffness, tubercolosis and diabetes. A great thing is it is too cheap ans saves your money from treatment and medicinal expenses. As it is natural anti biotic compounds that lower the effects of weakness of the body and diseases and also lessens the effects of ageing.

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