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Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Will Disclose Corruption And Illegal Activities Inside MQM Soon--Saleem Shahzad

A former senior leader of MQM has announced on Friday night that he will expose the corruption and other illegal activities inside the party very soon. Saleem Shahzad announced to disjoin the political party over severe internal conflicts with the party leadership, he said 'no chance to join party back, enough is enough', adding that he would unveil 'corruption' and other illegal activities in the party being made by a 'lobby'. While detailing upcoming moves following his announcement, Shahzad hinted tat he would take more decisions with his close and reliable friends. He said there is a corrupt lobby present in the MQM working against the theoretical activists of the party. He signaled to uncover a money-making mafia working in the political party which is also involved in extortion, murders, smuggling and other illegal activities. He said there is a long list of corruption activities to be presented before Pakistani nation. The former senior leader said the party leadership was aware of my resignation from central membership and he clarified that there was no chance to return back to party.

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