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Friday, March 28, 2014

Party Expelled Me Due To Writing Book "Jinnah"--- Jaswant Singh

Former Indian foreign minister Jaswant Singh said that Bhartia Janta Party has kicked me out of the party and did not give me ticket to contest election, therefore he said he had submitted nomination papers as an independent candidate. Addressing a public gathering in the town of Burmer in Rajhistan, he complained against the selfishness and narrow-mindedness of BJP. He said he was elected nine times the member of parliament. He said he had asked the party that this was his last election but on March 10, suddenly he came to know that his name was not included in the list of BJP's candidates. Jaswant Singh said he made Raj Nath ahead for party's leadership but he deceived me. He said party treated me less than a peon. Jaswant Singh! being an Indian and remaining a high-profile figure in Indian politics were you biten by a mad dog that you dare to write book on Founder of Pakistan and wrote the facts? Could your facts be digested by your extremist Hindus? Why did you praise Jinnah telling the truth to the world and unveiling the real face of BJP and your Hindu colleagues? Still you are lucky that you have only be kicked out of pary not shunted out of country. Did you realize the result of telling the truth? Tell the world the fate of a true man in India.

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