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Saturday, March 15, 2014

RAW Is Involved In Quetta And Peshawar Blasts-- Secret Agencies

Secret agencies in their preliminary reports have said that Indian RAW is involved in Quetta and Peshawar blasts. RAW is not only supporting ant-Dialogue groups of Taliban but are carrying out terrorists' activities. Sources say that secret agencies in the report have also revealed that some phone calls from foreign embassies (Indian) in Afghanistan have been traced, before the blasts. In which terrorists have been issued directions. Taliban also know that which groups of India are involved in these activities on the directives of RAW but Taliban avoid to have clash with them. The leader of Ehrar ul Hind, Umar Qasmi has accepted the responsibility for both the blasts. It also seems drama staged by RAW, while there may or may not be any existence of this organization, but RAW is directly involved in the blasts. Umar Qasmi like people are their hired agents. Any oy Indian Muslim group, if, can not support Pakistan openly but will never think of damaging Pakistan or Pakistan's military installations. All this is being done by India with the Support of Afghanistan. However, Taliban have denied carrying out any blast.

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