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Friday, March 21, 2014

India: PML(N)'s Most Favourite Nation

Whenever PML(N) came into power, it never dare to resolve the resolve Kashmir issue , or couraged to stop India from active involvement in Balochistan affairs by creating harassment and carrying out terrorist activities, nor it tried to prevent India from arresting innocent fishermen from Pakistani waters, killing Pakistani prisoners in Indian jails and never returning any live Pakistani but returning dead bodies, atrocities against minorities specially the Muslims, accusing Pakistan of terrorism if Indian old prime minister suffers from cold, BUT Nawaz government attempts all the time to embrace India and is eager to give it the status of "BELOVED"-- Most Favourite Nation. Government wants to give access to Indian businessmen Pakistani markets and closing the doors of business on Indistrial and agricultural sectors of Pakistan. Indian government wants to sign on the understanding immediately to gain points for next elections. There is also pressure from some foreign powers for the agreement too. But present government must think in the interest of nation and own businessmen not to benefit India, a worst enemy of Pakistan in the world.

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