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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Garcia Filed A 'Contempt Of Court' Lawsuit Against Google

The actress of controversial anti-Islam movie " Innocence Of Muslims" Cindy Lee Garcia filed a "contempt of court" lawsuit against Google over her flicks available on You Tube despite US court's order. Garcia, who faced life threats for performing in 14-minute controversial film, had won case in the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals requesting removal of the film from its servers, in February. Google was ordered by the court to remove the anti-Islam film from You Tube and all of its other platforms within 24 hours. The actress sued Google with a hefty amount up to $150,000 for each copy of the video on You Tube as 852 links were identified in Garcia's initial take down notice which took the claim figure to $ 128 million. Garcia's lawyer said the the copies of movie's trailers with her performance were still on You Tube until the time of filing. They could also be accessed in Egypt by altering the setting from global to country-specific. The filing said the video being available from any computer in the world is in violation of the earlier court order. It also said that the Google continues to profit illegally via the traffic from the channels that have uploaded the video.

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