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Friday, March 14, 2014

Every Child Is Visiting You Tube Through Proxy-- LHC

The claims of government about the blockage of You Tube is just a joke and treachery as every child is opening the site. Lahore High Court has ordered PTA to tell whether it has the technology for blocking the controvertial material from site. The applicant had maintained his stance that due to the blockage of You Tube some 30 million Pakistanis got deprived of the religious, educational and recreational information. The advocates opposed to opening of You Tube said, if the site is opened with removing the indescent material it will create law and order situation. The court said it had ordered to removed the blasphemous matter not the blocking of the site. An NGO office bearer Gul Bokhari was caught recording the hearing of the case was issued contempt of court notice by the court and her recording device was also confiscated.

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